Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm ready

I never thought I would ever say this...but I am ready! I am ready to let our beloved, 40+ heroes take the back seat and let Gen Y take over as the next line of heroes! (woohoo, I let it out!)

Now, that's what you call fandom!
We all love the Khans and the rest of the 40+ brigade! They have a screen presence that transcends mere acting talent or good looks. They've got a certain it factor when it comes to the way they carry themselves, on-screen and off-screen. The older stars have been able to maintain their it factor and keep the audiences asking for more, despite their decades in the industry: definitely, not an easy feat. Their unique persona's and attitudes have made them, not only actors, but stars and moreover, heroes (rightly so). However, it's impossible to deny that...they aren't as young as they used to be!
They've all aged gracefully and very much still have the star power and charisma that can reel in the crowds at the box office. As I said earlier, they're "heroes", not only actors, but there is so much they can no longer do, given their age restrictions. When I say do. I don't mean action or romance roles (please, Salman and Shahrukh do those fabulously), but the "new" roles that have come about with the influx of the "new age" in Hindi cinema. They all just seem out of place in the new, "younger" cinema that's developing in India. "Massy", masala films will always remain an integral part of Hindi entertainment, but "alternate" mainstream movies are definitely coming to stay, as well. Admit it or not, but the current superstars just don't fit into the roles of this new (highly welcomed) phase in cinema.
Could Salman do justice to a Barfi?

Could Akshay do justice to a Gangs of Wasseypur II?

Could Ajay do justice to a Vicky Donor? 
I'm afraid not. The older generation actors undeniably have the acting ability to do such diverse roles, but they just don't fit the characters. Along with their increasing age (Saif Ali Khan's not twenty five?!), their public image just cannot suffice for such discrepancies from what they've always done in the movies. Whether it's beating up goons or just straight romancing heroine, the Khans have always done it BIG! Their public image just cannot suffice for the "flawed" characters prominant in today's cinema. Frankly speaking, no one is interested in seeing them play deaf/mute characters or sperm donors. No one is ready for a change after more than twenty years...I can only imagine one of the Khan's doing Ayushmann Khurana's role in Vicky Donor *shivers down my spine* 
The freshness that the new age actors are bringing onto the table is superb. I'm so so ready to let them take the front seat. They have the talent, looks and, if I can say so, quite a formidable it factor too!

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  1. You know, I'm a huge advocate for the Khans because I just love them and don't want to see any of them retire, but you're so right! These new edgier roles are so not cut out for the Khans.... They're so entrenched in their style of roles that I don't think any of them could pull these off!