Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Song of the Week

Mallo Malli

I had been waiting assiduously for the Mausam music and was surprised by how much I disliked the songs, when I first heard them. Pritam, though not critically acclaimed ( because he decides to copy sometimes), makes some good music. His Yeh Dooriyan, from Love Aaj Kal, and Resham Si, from Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai are some of my favorite songs. However, this album wasn't working for me...until, recently. This is an album that takes some time to grow on a listener. It doesn't sound like any old album, but that is precisely what makes it so good. Mallo Malli has been my work-out song all week and I love the Punjabi flavor. The picturization is good; Shahid's dancing is brilliant, along with his outfit, and the color scheme is charming. This song is MY song of the week.
Mallo Malli Mallo Malli naal yaar de!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Almost a month after Shammi Kapoor's unfortunate demise, I am left pondering what makes this filmy family so compelling. For some reason, I have always thought of the clan as individualistic. They are all on a level by themselves. Each member of thir family has there own specialty. Shammi was crazy. Kareena is a diva. Rishi was a style icon. Even, Neetu (married into the family) has her own specialty... being cute.

When I think of the other families in B-town, I am always struck by their semi-pretentious ways. Let's go to the Bachchans. One word for them- FAKE! Ash's voice, Abhi's rapping and Big B's laugh. Come on! They don't act like normal people, let alone a family. The Kapoor's actually gel together. I have heard of problems between Randhir's side and Rishi's side, but they all still look and feel like a family. I would also like to emphasize the normal part. I can literally picture myself talking to or eating dinner with a Kapoor. They mix normalcy with grandeur in my books. The Bachchan's mix grandeur and fakeness (no pun intended). I am lazy writing more, but there is so much subtleness in the Kapoors. I just hope they keep reproducing and making kick ass actors. And that means... Ranbir better get ready to have lots of babies. muah More for later!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Agneepath and Rockstar trailer analysis

So if you have read my post on my top 10 most awaited films, you would know that I have been counting each and every second for the very talented, Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar. All day on Tuesday, I was jittering in excitement. Even at the gym, I started smiling like a fool just thinking about how awesome the trailer would be. On the other hand, I had no interest in KJo's Agneepath and was ready for a boring trailer.
Lets just say, I watched the Rockstar trailer 10x and the Agneepath trailer 15X.

First off, here they are:

Yes, they were both outstanding.

Rockstar was exciting and romantic, while Agneepath was violent and exciting.

First off, lets talk about Ranbir's film. His acting is on point as usual and his transition from the village Jatt into a global rockstar is too. Nargis, surprisingly, is acting better than half of the biggest heroines today. Even though she is a part of the new, firangi Hindi actresses, I like her! She doesn't look or act like a outsider. Imtiaz ( my favorite director) is great as usual, but I was NOT impressed by the romance in the beginning. Online, everyone is raving about the "palangtod" but I thought it was so cheesy. The beep scene was also totally blah. It dissappointed me. Come on, Imtiaz! I thought you didn't put those types of scenes in your movies, you always do something "hatke", but I am hoping for some REAL hardcore romantic and cute scenes, which I know I'll get. However, I really loved the way Nargis was on the back of Ranbir's motorcycle and had her eyes closed in the breeze. The music was just a bonus.. this Tum Ho song might become my anthem; it sounded gorgeous. Sadda Haq was okay, "Sadda haq aithe rakh" is a killer line, it means "Put my right, right here". However, the melody wasn't really working. I can see it getting really popular, but only because of the picturization, lyrics and movie. For me, the end is what did it. Everything was high voltage and grand. Ranbir running, gargantuan crowds, crazy media and screaming. Loved the END! I would give the trailer a 3.8/5.

Agneepath... talk about too many wow factors.
Hrithik has become Salman. Sanjay actually looks evil (not just trying to act like a villian), Priyanka is invisible and Rishi is a bad ass! OMG! I did not even think that was possible.
Hrithik is beating people up like its his job and it is so new and different for him as an actor. He has full potential to become a action hero. His acting was also beautiful. Sanjay was freaky! Especially, when he was dragging the body to his tunnel and his end laugh. It gave me goosebumps. Rishi looked so different, I guess he was shaved and pulling a girl around...Rishi has never done anything like that in his cute! haha. And Priyanka, she came and went...she never just comes and go's. Though, I am sure her character will have some significance. The visuals were also endearing. The Ganpati festival was so Indian! AWESOME! Hrithik is such a good actor that his eyes are actually glowing while watching the festival. I loved the red color spreading everywhere, but then the dark and gray theme coming back. The film has a perfect balance of Indian-ness and Western-ness (if those are words). The religious music and violins in the back makes the euphoria increase even more. Though there was not much plot in the trailer, it passes because there is plenty of time until the film releases. I'll give this one a 4.5/5.

Excited for both of these A-lister films, this is the best time for Hindi movies! I LOVE IT!

I know I rant, but that's what films do to me...
See you all later <3