Thursday, September 8, 2011


Almost a month after Shammi Kapoor's unfortunate demise, I am left pondering what makes this filmy family so compelling. For some reason, I have always thought of the clan as individualistic. They are all on a level by themselves. Each member of thir family has there own specialty. Shammi was crazy. Kareena is a diva. Rishi was a style icon. Even, Neetu (married into the family) has her own specialty... being cute.

When I think of the other families in B-town, I am always struck by their semi-pretentious ways. Let's go to the Bachchans. One word for them- FAKE! Ash's voice, Abhi's rapping and Big B's laugh. Come on! They don't act like normal people, let alone a family. The Kapoor's actually gel together. I have heard of problems between Randhir's side and Rishi's side, but they all still look and feel like a family. I would also like to emphasize the normal part. I can literally picture myself talking to or eating dinner with a Kapoor. They mix normalcy with grandeur in my books. The Bachchan's mix grandeur and fakeness (no pun intended). I am lazy writing more, but there is so much subtleness in the Kapoors. I just hope they keep reproducing and making kick ass actors. And that means... Ranbir better get ready to have lots of babies. muah More for later!

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