Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Awaited Movies of 2012

After the bleak year in Hindi film, the 2012 film line-up is giving me some much needed hope.
Here are MY most awaited movies for the upcoming year:

5) Agneepath

Agneepath's trailer is breathtaking. It has all the ingredients of a blockbuster film, without being a shameless copy of the original (which happens way too often with remakes). The violence, romance, suspense and battle between good and bad are all so unique. Plus, the film actually looks "desi". I remember reading an article about how Karan Johar had banned Hrithik's character from dancing in the film. I thought"oh god, yet another Hindi film gone Hollywood wannabe". However, the colors, clothes, setting and music are all so native and yes, there is dancing. I missed watching an INDIAN film and although Karan Johar, the most happy-go-lucky, melodramatic film maker brought it along, I am excited.
4) Talaash 

This film is a psychological thriller starring Aamir Khan, who plays a police officer with the exact same get-up as Salman in Dabaang (including the mustache). Add Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji into the equation and we've got a winner.

3) Joker

Love the set design!

Initially, I was interested in the film for it being the first, big-budget, commercial Hindi film to be made in 3D. However, as time passed SRK managed to steal that coveted title away (though only in post-conversion). Nevertheless, Shirish Kunder is proving to be a strong director and publicist. After reading a couple of his interviews, it is evident that this movie is going to be innovative and fantastical, in a way that Hindi cinema has not yet seen. And keeping his Jaan-e-mann in mind, I am sure he means business when he says that. Honestly, Kunder is pushing the bar in the special effects department, without outrageously screaming that it's going to be "Hollywood style", like SRK. Also, did I mention that the film's technicians are primarily Indian? It'll be nice to see what Indian people can do, without the Hollywood wannabe factor and with sticking with Indian talent. Plus, the movie stills that have been released (like the one above) are looking fantabulous. 

2) Yash Chopra's Untitled

Lately, I feel deprived of a pure romance. I am fed up of those romantic comedies and action films that just won't stop showing up in theaters. Therefore, in these love-less days,  romance freaks (like me) need Yash Chopra, the "king of romance", to direct a hardcore love story. Since Veer-Zaara, there have been a few miserable attempts, like Pankaj Kapoor's Mausam, but in comparison to Mr. Chopra they were mere imitations. Plus, Anushka Sharma, Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif are going to be together in a film for the first time. And did I mention...the film has music by THE A.R. Rehman, who just recently won me over with Rockstar. This film is a classic just waiting to happen. 

1) Dharma & Balaji's Untitled

Despite being announced a few days ago, this films has shot up to the top of my list. I have no idea what to expect from the film; however, I have such faith in Dharma and Balaji films, respectively, that I am sure that together they'll create magic. Dharma Productions is infamous for it's romanticized and commercial approach to film making. They are credited for making the king of Bollywood-style romances, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the most melodramatic film, that I have ever seen, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. On the other hand, Balaji Productions makes off-beat, smaller budget films, like Ragini MMS and recently, The Dirty Picture. In their respective film endeavors, both Dharma and Balaji have pushed the bar and succeeded. How exciting will it be to see two radically different film sensibilities coming together to make ONE film?

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