Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Ra. One doesn't excite me...

Lately, Ra. One is all that television, radio and the internet has been talking about. It's at the point that I hear "Chammak Challo" in my sleep and see SRK at work! I was planning on watching the movie this past weekend, but missed out because of bad weather. I don't plan on catching up on it after this week though. Here's why:
Ra. One has been publicized like no other film. I understand the hype. I actually respect SRK for his efforts to add new technology and effects to Hindi cinema but by exclaiming that Ra. One is like Hollywood is not the way of doing so. Personally, I have full access to Hollywood. It would be easier and cheaper to watch a Holywood film but I don't watch them because I am interested in India's film making style more. The day that Hindi films become Hinglish versions of American movies...I will be the first one to stop watching them. There is a distinct USP for Hindi films which I hope they never lose. That USP is that they are NOT Hollywood. A couple of months ago, SRK was on a rant about how scripts, stories and Hindi movies in general need to learn from Hollywood, and that Bollywood cannot compete with them in any one of the sections. But I ask what the pure definition of a "good" movie, with good screenplay and story is?! What is the definition? Is it making sexual jokes (Delhi Belly), countless special effects (Transformers), or exploitation of people in poverty (Slumdog Millionaire)? I am not saying that these movies are bad, though I might strongly dislike the latter. But no one has a real reason for why Hindi movies are not as great OR why Hollywood is so great. I am transgressing but they are all important questions to ask the directors, producers and actors who want Bollywood to be more like Hollywood.

Other than the publicizing efforts that have gone in the totally wrong direction, the reviews have sucked. Don't get me wrong, I really want to see a Hindi movie in 3D. That's probably the only reason I was tempted to go, but the story line personally means way more. As I have said in earlier posts, there is nothing better than screenplay and story. There is a reason why Love Sex Aur Dhokha and Shor in the City made heavy returns..the story (also, why I think SRK is wrong on Indian storytelling)! Anyone can whip out big bucks to make special effects, but not everyone can tell a story properly and storytelling is the goal of every film. Films are suppose to engage the viewer and touch their emotions. Just think of the films that have garnered commercial and critical acclaim. When I say that, I mean making a place into people's minds, hearts and pocketbooks! Movies like The Godfather and Devdas come to mind when I think of achieving that success....not E.T. Obviously, like everybody else, I do not ONLY watch those kinds of films in theater, I love myself some good masala A.K.A. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. But I still think that the movie had some great punches, direction, music and though it's story line was not the most innovative, there were some fun twists that kept me on my toes.
Ra. One in these departments:
Story: Ra. One is trying to kill a little boy because of a video game. No comment.
Music: SRK lip syncing to Akon. What were they THINKING?!? Where is Udit...?
Direction: Anubhav Sinha. I think SRK forgot to watch Dus and Cash. THEY SUCKED!

Overall, congrats on the success Ra. One! I hope the film will help instill some life into the visual and 3D department of Hindi cinema, just do it differently next time SRK! <3

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