Thursday, August 11, 2011

Upcoming Movies of 2011

Like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting the releases of some awesome hindi films this year. Here are 5 of the films that will most likely have the best content, acting and direction...not only stars. Not in any particular order though.

1) Rockstar
Two words. Imtiaz Ali. Undoubtedly, he is one of my favorite directors and has really shown his talent in Love Aaj Kal and Jab We Met. He is so good at creating a romantic mood in his films. I love them. I have seen pictures and short snippets of the shooting in the Czech Republic, Italy, Delhi, Kashmir and the hills of the Himalayas. The music, acting, dress and general style of the film is looking absolutely awesome. Though I have to admit I was kind of pissed that Imtiaz dropped Pritam from the music. Pritam and Irshad Kamil(the lyricist) have made some great music together like, Aooge Jab Tum, Yeh Dooriyan, Tum Se Hi. Unlike most people, I am NOT an AR Rehman fan. Some of AR's songs, like Jaane tu ya Jaane na songs are good but generally I don't like what he makes. :/ I am still hoping for good music though! I also love Ranbir Kapoor, great actor and hottie.

2) Ladies vs. Ricky Behl
A.K.A. Band Baaja Baraat 2 in my books. The reason I cannot wait for this is because all the people that are connected to BBB are returning in another YRF extravaganza. I absolutely loved that movie. The debut director Maneesh Sharma, the rugged cutie Ranveer Singh, the talented Anushka Sharma, great music directors Salim-Suleiman and even the witty screenplay writer Habib Faisal are in this one. All the people that made BBB into a piece of art from a mere romantic comedy are going to make a film together AGAIN. The cherry on top is the YRF banner which I absolutely love and has recently revived itself a bit.

3) Mausam
I know that lots of people are waiting for this one. I am a romantic and I am sure that this one will fulfill my expectations, probably even surpass them. I posted the trailer and poster. The trailer, truthfully, did not do justice to my past ideas of the film. I had read articles and seen interviews of Shahid saying that the film will be absolutely crazily romantic. The trailer did not live up to the hype, but was still very hard hitting. I think what did not resonate well with me was just Sonam and Shahid. Shahid and Sonam seem like bad actors for the roles. Shahid looks like a little kid, short and cheesy. Sonam just looks...bad. I know! Harsh feelings but it is true. Nevertheless, the posters and the slogans, like "A love story beyond romance" gives me the shivers. Hoping for a Veer-Zaara/ A Walk to Remember/ The Notebook kind of experience.

4) Bodyguard
SALMAN KHAN! I am a huge fan of his. He is so handsome and gorgeous, along with being a total hero personality. The film promises to be the good kind of masala. In my books, there are 2 types of masala films:
A) Good Masala
B) Bad Masala
Bad Masala can be classified as Tees Maar Khan or Ready
Good Masala can be classified as 3 Idiots or Ghajini 
They are both Masala films, but Good Masala is actully a good film and overall the critics agree. I mean good direction, acting and script, not just 0 or 1 of the criteria. Kareena is looking cute. The idea is promising and there is no slapstick comedy which makes half of the audience roll their eyes, like in the 90s Johnny Lever films that literally made nobody laugh. Come on, a bodyguard played by Salman, wrapped into romance with Kareena and action. What more can a girl ask for?

5) Don 2
I enjoyed Don (the remake) quite a bit. Farhan has shown his directing ability multiple times and is a great example of a multi-talented filmi individual. :) Also, SRK has a new look in the film and is breaking out of jail. YESS!! Now, we can all imagine how interesting that part will be. He also has some weird hair braids.
Okay...I added this one in for all of you crazy SRK fans. I don't have anything else to say for this one. LOL

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  1. What a fun read, thanks. Interesting selection too. Like you I am really looking forward to Mausam And I mean REALLY looking forward to it. Hindi films NEVER come to my town, so I'm planning a 700km round trip just to see this, the 1st Hindi film I will have seen onscreen in 5 years. That's how much I want to see this one. But then again, I do like both Shahid (who I think is growing out of his boyish cuteness into a manly cuteness) and Sonam. I just really hope that it's nothing at all like Veer-Zzzzzzaaara, the most soporific movie I've ever watched. I remember being amazed that I managed somehow to keep my eyelids apart through that snoozy film.
    I also really enjoyed your description of Ricky Bahl as BBB2. I want to see it as well, for all the reasons you list above, but it will have to be a DVD watch, I fear.
    I was surprised to read that you don't like ARR,but then I have my own unusual views, like a respect for Katrina Kaif, so vive la difference! For me, Lagaan, RDB and Jodhaa Akhbar all had great music, and I love his Tamil stuff from the 90s even though I know barely three words of the language.
    I look forward to reading more from you, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, comments like that actually make me want to keep writing.
    Also...700km? Damnn.
    I tell you, there are only us Hindi film fans that would go to that fanaticism :)

  3. Re: Masala films

    How exactly is 3 Idiots a masala film? It's more a social issue film. I'd say Dabangg and Wanted are both EXCELLENT masala fares to have come out in recent times.

    And yayyay even I am looking forward eagerly to Bodyguard. You didn't like that poster? I thought it conveyed exactly the job of a Bodyguard. 4 Salmans surrounding Kareena from all directions (North, South, East, West) and a target in the background which signifies that she (and him) are in a targeted, endangered position. I thought it was a well-thought out poster :)

    Another film I'm looking forward to is Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Song promos seems fun!

    And congratulations on your blog! Look forward to reading more from you!

  4. Masala means having a little bit of everything. 3 idiots had comedy, serious issues, romance, friendship, adventure etc.
    I think the bodyguard poster might be thought out but still a bit unprofessional, you know?
    And thanks for the comments!!